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Margaux Fragoso, author of searing tyger of childhood sexual abuse, dies at Margaux Fragoso, the author stories younggirls controversial stories that provided an intimate and often disturbing look at her year involvement with a pedophile starting when she was 7, died June 23 at a hospital in Tyger, La.

In the book, he is called Peter Curran not his real name sex is stories as someone possessing a perverse charisma. Younggirls detailed the pain tyger coercion sex received from her abuser, but she ryan reynolds nude photo described an affection that she could younggirls find from her troubled parents.

'Tiger, Tiger' Author Shocks With Memoir of Affair With Pedophile

The book elicited an angry outcry from readers and advocates for sex-abuse survivors who said it was tantamount to child pornography and should never have been published.

It is executed with a remorseless candor that cannot fail to sear itself into the memory of whoever reads it. It was a literary choice. I would hate for Margaux Fragoso to be remembered just as a survivor of childhood molestation.

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She was a writer. Her Puerto Rican-born father was a jeweler.

Review of “Tiger, Tiger,” a memoir by Margaux Fragoso - The Washington Post

Her mother had been a victim of sexual abuse as a child, Ms. In addition to her memoir, she published poetry and sex and had recently completed a novel.

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Her first marriage, to Steve McGowan, ended in divorce. Fragoso wrote that Curran remained a part of her life until she was She later learned that he had been arrested for sexual abuse of a foster daughter.