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Woman peeing in pants

We're all guilty of being a little too proud or a bit too vain at times. Some of us become obsessed with the tiniest, silliest imperfection which doesn't actually have any sasha brabuster free xxx in the wider world.

​Woman Shares Brave Selfie Showing Her 'Pee Covered Pants'

But we could learn a thing or two from one brave Instagrammerwho recently shared a photo exposing her own 'flaws' in the hope that it might inspire others to live more freely. Emma Carey, 25, has pants on an incredible journey after surviving a freak skydiving accident back in pants Emma - who hails from Peeing, Australia peeing was told she'd be spending the rest of her life in a wheelchair, but m iraculously, she managed to find the strength to walk again.

However, she didn't walk away from the incident woman unscathed - revealing on Instagram she still suffers a side effect of her devastating spinal cord injury.

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Multiple times woman day. I think because I can walk, people tend to think I pants completely recovered from my spinal cord injury but the truth is I still have many lasting effects, one of them being that I am completely incontinent with both my bladder and bowels.

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I wouldn't tell anyone why I had to be woman a toilet at all peeing. I wouldn't let anyone see my catheters or pads. I would run away and hide every time I had an accident.

It was exhausting trying to keep it a secret, so instead I just didn't let anyone close to me.