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Whats a lipstick lesbian

Lipstick lesbian

A lipstick lesbian is simply a lesbian female that has a highly lesbian style and attitude as opposed to conforming to the whats masculine characteristics that lipstick connected with being a lesbian as well as an attraction to other feminine women.

Thankfully since whats time this article was big gay cock cum written, the stereotype of needing to be 'masculine' and many other stereotypes associated with sexualities as a lesbian is no longer as prominent as it once was.

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However this article is still relevant for whats seeking some advice or insight into what a 'lipstick lesbian' is or help finding their identity. Edit Article How to Be a Lipstick Lipstick lipstick lesbian noun informal a lesbian who favours a glamorous, traditionally feminine style.

A Straight Gal’s Guide to Lesbians

Don't be afraid of makeup. Wear as much or as little as you would like.

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If it makes you happy, go ahead. You don't have to wear makeup, however. Wear what you like. For a more feminine feel, opt for skirts and dresses.