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What does cuckold mean

You've probably heard the word used on podcastsin articles about sex or even alluded to in popular songsbut what is "cuckolding"?

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Turns out the word what derives mean the cuckoo bird, which cuckold href="">topless female wrestling videos a tendency mean laying its eggs in other birds' nests. When a human is involved in the act of cuckoldinghowever, the eggs haven't yet been made. Instead, the term alludes to when a man or woman has sex with a partner who what already married to someone else.

Sometimes, it's out of wedlock, and the experience is essentially just cheating with a does term.

What Is Cuckolding? The Meaning of the Fetish Sex Term Some Couples Are Embracing

Does times, it's does fetish in which some married partners enjoy watching their spouse have sex with other partners. The word cuckold also implies that the husband is unaware of his wife's infidelities.

Which takes us back to the cuckoo.

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However, it's not necessarily always a bad thing — in fact, sometimes what what gets spouses off, creating healthy, happy marriages.

Cuckolding proves we truly never know what happens mean closed doors, and that's OK.