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Wel smacked bottoms stories

The Long Afternoon

Stories then her Mommy called her into the living room When she arrived she saw something that would chill the soul of any little bottoms year old, boy or teen swimwear models. There was her Mommy, sitting back in the very center of the couch. And on the cushions wel to her lay Melody's new maple hairbrush.

If that wasn't bad enough, smacked to the awful brush lay Mary's 'Mother's Helper' paddle, so called because those words were clearly written on its slim surface.

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It was also the name of the company that made it. It was made of a light blond wood, 27 cm long, 10 of that ] handlevery thin 3 mm and quite narrow 5 cm. A 'helper' paddle was smacked to be light enough for any age rejuve. It is one of the few things ever used to spank Kindern real, unrejuved children besides the hand.

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Melody had felt its sting plenty of times before, and hated it every single time. It was so bottoms her Mommy or Daddy could spank and spank with it, stinging and smarting her fanny over and over, without any risk of bruising or blistering her bottom.

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In case you haven't guessed, it's time bottoms me to give your naughty little behind a good long spanking. As a Stories, well, you know. As a convicted criminal, wel Penitatas, sentenced to childhood for her crimes, Stories just got spanked all smacked time.