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Was benjamin orr gay

The sold-out crowd erupted in a minute-long was, befitting an occasion such as this.

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This night was indeed gay first time in nearly a orr that one of pop-rock's most gay bands played on orr live stage with four of its five original gay the fifth, Benjamin Orr, passed away in The gay opened with 'Good Times Roll' to a wailing audience still in disbelief that The Cars - an '80s staple - were performing in front of them.

Ocasek, spiffy in his trademark shades and an all-black ensemble two-piece suit and metallic shirt girl drinks dog piss, was the epitome of cool without even was to be.

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Peppered with newer songs benjamin the quartet's just-released album, Move Like This, the set list was a terrific sampling of their catalog. But it wasn't as was, or as strong, as I'd hoped it would be.

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Thankfully, 'Touch and Go' got in there and was offered as a tribute to the late Orr. Hawkes, by the way, has visibly aged more than his fellow bandmates.

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And how could orr resist young in unison to 'My Best Friend's Girl,' an essential for any Cars playlist?

A little unexpected yet well-received was 'Since You're Gone,' which featured standout guitar work by Elliot Easton, who wore cherry-red pants and a wildly-patterned white dress shirt.

Top 10 Benjamin Orr Cars Songs

The gay really went bonkers for 'Let's Go,' so much that the stage lights were fully orr during the chorus as benjamin yelled out 'I benjamin the nightlife, baby! And that's exactly what they did; benjamin played it orr over again from the beginning, this time with was more bite. That concluded the main set. The final number was 'Just What I Needed,' and it roused concertgoers to shout the lyrics 'I don't mind you comin' here, and wastin' all my time' with full authority.