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Virna lisi nude pics

Virna Lisi Nude Pictures - Virna Lisi Naked Pics

She speaks Italian and cooks all nude time. She was so virna perfect lisi this film! She has a waist like Sophia Loren see picture below and everything else better than the rest. Pics Lisi had it all.

Virna Lisi nude

The thing for me, was her face. I remember thinking I nude liked her face and suddenly realising that the face was important as you would have to look at it most often!

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In other words, it was not all about curves! I tell you what: I pics her in this film, and although I looked long and hard in lisi real world as well as film, I never saw anything come as close.

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Virna Lisi is in a class of her own. It epitomised The Playboy lifestyle.

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The way this Italian wreaks havoc on the poor guy, the way the American lady works virna her to turn her into a standard nag.