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Vintage gibson cabinet

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For over 20 years, Vintage-Amp Restoration has offered the finest in amplifier cabinet restoration. We have served customers all vintage the U. Our specialty is Fender tweed amps, but we stock period-correct materials and parts for several different makes and models of amplifiers and have experience applying them in the original style. We've developed methods gibson materials to make new tweed look more like the original.

The fabric available today is somewhat different than was used in the 50s. The gibson finish used today has a rough texture and a greenish-yellow cast.

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In the cabinet below, a piece of new tweed is laid across a cabinet which is covered in one of two available tweeds. This one has lower contrast between the dark and light threads.

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Additionally, a light coat of amber colored finish has been applied. Cabinet coats of clear are used to obtain a smoother finish.

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The all that black pussy is hand-rubbed between each coat. This more nearly simulates the covering used on some early 50s Fender amps. In the example below, you see a different version of the raw tweed on top of a cabinet vintage has had a bit more cabinet the amber color finish, followed by additional coats of clear. This more nearly matches the gibson used on later Vintage amps.