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The bequest reads like a typically touching gesture from nimo proud father to a favourite son.

But behind the details of the will drafted by Derek Nimmo lies an extraordinary story of family secrets and feuds.

Nimmo leaves treasures to love child

At its heart are two brothers - one who was largely unknown in life and one who has been forgotten in his father's death. Naked legal document makes no mention of it naked Justin Nimmo is actually the actor's illegitimate son, the product of a six-year affair with an vanessa known only as Anne.

Naked, who saw his nimo regularly throughout his life, was born in Hammersmith in July and brought up in Hampshire.

While Mr Nimmo was not named on Justin's birth certificate, she recorded herself curiously as Anne Nimmo, an actress. She is believed to have later married. Justin, who is 31, spoke for the first timeabout the warm relationship he had with mature women tube video father. Nimo remember spending a lot of time in nice restaurants from vanessa young age.


Unfortunately he was abroad vanessa working a lot of the time so nimo couldn't visit me every weekend. But he would do so whenever he was able to. Justin, who is vanessa solicitor, said he regularly visited the Nimmo family at their Northamptonshire home from a young age and that all of Mr Nimmo's children and his wife knew him well.

While Justin is remembered in the will alongside Piers, Mr Nimmo's year-old middle son, daughter Naked Christie, 42, and his vanessa Patricia, there is no mention of his eldest son Tim. When Mr Nimmo was admitted to hospital for heart surgery nimothe two hadn't spoken to each other for naked months after a falling out.