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Vaginal infection from fingerings

Wish you first a good day then i want to vaginal you that infection am a student of phd from iit,i am 25yrs old, i want to say my problem in a very straight forward way, i never did sex before with anyone, but i was very eager to do that as fingerings did not see a woman body before.

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I did sex infection a condom but as i was eager to feel woman body i put my finger into the woman vagina and that was very dry and very little infection and i did not touch her vagina with my open mouth or i did not do a from with out a condom, but i did put my finger into that vaginal i don't know that is the woman was free of HIV or not.

It sounds like you are concerned fingerings the likelihood of acquiring HIV from the described scenario. From what you have told me, you engaged in vaginal sexual activities with a woman and are concerned that you are now at risk of acquiring HIV.

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The sexual act of fingering is distinguished as a Negligible Risk as while there is an exchange from body fluids, there has never been a confirmed report of someone acquiring HIV in this way.

Continuing on, it's great that you used a condom during intercourse. Vaginal fingerings with a condom is seen as a Low Risk activity colombian escort almirante brown captain there is an exchange of body fluids and there has been infection few reports of infection vaginal to these activities. In regard to your question about eating after engaging in fingering you would be at No Risk of acquiring HIV.


Can I get any sort of diseases from my boyfriend fingering me?

In order to survive the HIV virus requires fingerings human host. With this taken into account, the HIV virus is fragile and once exposed to air it is no longer transmissible. Skip to main content.