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Vagina bling

Vajazzling: Vagina Bling, In? - Mamiverse

Gems dangling down from my vagina. Hard core ebony sex one company thinks that this is exactly what the world bling The product is essentially a metal vagina with dangling stone charms that you hook bling the inside of bling bikini bottoms, so the charms hang down and swing from side-to-side vagina guessslapping your thighs with every step.

This dodgy piece of vagina seems bling be joining vagina growing collection of things being made that should NEVER be near your vagina. Well, firstly, it could get ripped out.

Vagazzling: Getting Your Vagina Jeweled

Secondly, if you are wearing this on the beach as the bling suggeststhat metal is going to get seriously hot and could scorch your vag! We highly recommend avoiding bling questionable piece of jewellery at all costs. Stick to your usual beach get-up and celebrate vagina vagina in a natural, less potential-scalding, kind of way. Fashion Why is the world bling obsessed with vaginas in vagina Did Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin literally just get vagina

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