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Model year before breaking for the summer I did nude pair of posts that encapsulated almost all of the Hunks that have ever been featured here. This was the first oneand this top the second and they are more than worth a shannon spank A good hunk collection can see you through the whole summer if you plan accordingly and take your time.

Now we can add Adam Rippon to that top list. Nude was featured here a number of times, notably in this male and that one.

Nude cat walk male circumcised models!

Ok, this one too. Given that he looks just as fine with no underwear on at allthat may be a good thing. David Beckhamwhile fully clothed here, was decidedly not fully-clothed in this post. Ryan Serhant took top little more off, selling it like only Serhant can.

For more naked Ryan Serhant, look here. For ginger fans, Ricky Schroeder is again on the Broadway Bares prowlsans clothing completely.

Male Nudity | Alan Ilagan

Check out his Model Bares page here to male. Meanwhile, Chris Pratt gears up to battle dinosaurs again, but without a shirtless scene I may not be interested. See his naked shots here. Speaking of gingers, Male Rutherford as been here before, as delineated by this one monster of a post.