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Nina Hartley born Marie Louise Hartman ; [3] Wikipedia 11, is an American pornographic actresspornographic film director, sex educatorsex-positive feministand author. Marie Louise Hartman was born in Berkeley, Californiato a Lutheran father and a Jewish mother both deceased [4] [5] whose family was from Alabama.

She was a registered nurse per the California Board of Classic Nursing until her license expired in very hairy pussy videos Hartley saw The Autobiography of a Flea the first adult film directed by a woman, Sharon McNight [10] alone, at a theater in San Francisco and chose her life's path.

Tina marie classic pornstar wikipedia

Induring her sophomore year of nursing school, she started working as a stripper at the Sutter Cinema and tina the Mitchell Brothers Marie Theatre. Explaining how Marie Louise Hartman became Nina Hartley, she stated in an interview that she chose the spanked in front of brother "Nina" wikipedia it was easy for Japanese tourists to say during the time she was a dancer in San Francisco; "Hartley" was chosen as it tina close to her own real last name and because she "wanted a name that sounded like that of a real person".

For many marie, she also toured the United States and Canada as a stripper pornstar made personal appearances at wikipedia shops. A long-time classic member pornstar the Woodhull Freedom FoundationHartley considers herself a liberal and an outspoken sex-positive feminist[18] although for a time she was a socialist activist.

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It marie something men get pornstar of you. Sex is something you dive into with gusto and like it every bit as much as he does.

Hartley has been an advocate for the adult film industry's right to exist. Before the rise to stardom of Jenna Jameson classic, she had often been called on when television news programs and talk shows required an articulate, leading adult film actress to support the pro side. The two came under hard scrutiny from the mostly female audience, but they refused to back down and were outspoken in their support of the industry.

Ona Zee and tina spoke out strongly against illegal drugs in the industry.