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Fronted by Lisa Rogers, this documentary focuses on the rise in vaginal cosmetic surgery, specifically labiaplasty. Breast enlargement surgery in the UK is on the up with an estimated 26, women going under the knife every year.

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For some people, finding a partner in life can be difficult. Virgin School ashton kutcher small penis the emotional and physical journey of a 26 year old virgin as he embarks on a unique four month course for sexually inexperienced men in Amsterdam.

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The film follows the three virgins and their very different journeys as they deal with this most personal rite of passage — losing their virginity. Hundreds of years from the, few people will remember the names of famous celebrities, but everyone will remember the names of those four brave men and women who were the first to live on Mars.

The Perfect Vagina

As our modern society changes and evolves, so should our ideas, definitions and expectations about topics that were once considered taboo.

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