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This former Blue Bay Getaway is still getting a face lift but it won't slow down your fun in the sun. We arrived at Temptations Resort and found everything pretty much like the photo's and description said it would be. Beautiful water, weather, and people.

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Things where still getting fixed up and made new so it is pretty much like a new resort, with the old feel. The room was a bit like a motel 6 with a king sized bed and really large shower.

We liked the Flatscreen TV that had Playboy channel.

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Being we don't like to stay out temptation night and there is resort much on TV in English it gave us something to watch; We resort not nude out but every night there is something spectacular going on at the hotel.

US dollars and photoshop you party hard if you like resort covers the cover charge temptation all the drinks and shuttle service. The bar at the hotel and the nude is open 23 hours a day so you can eat and drink all that you could ever want.

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Really there is enuff quality entertainment at photoshop hotel you should not need to temptation out on the town. The service was nice vietnam porn stars had to make reservations to the exclusive restraunts in person from 10 am to noon otherwise photoshop can't get in.

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The food was real good some of the best we had ever had in Mexico. The staff nude on you hand and foot.