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Steffi graf hairy armpits

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Armpits u agre that steffi graf was the most hairy female tennis player of all times? Yest steffi hairy hairy armpits,hairy legs and hairy arms. She never wore sleeveless top,even then hairy pits were visible many times. I don't think Graf could compete against Serena, Henin, and Clijsters and other players of today. It's just women's tennis has graf a lot over the years.

Steffi graf Hairy Armpits

I steffi Graf might be the best female player of the 80's. In the cum se calculeaza dobanda 90's she lost her 1 ranking to Seles for a reason.

Seles in her shortened prime career beat Graf 3 out of 4 grand slam finals. Asking if a player is the best of all time is the same as asking who would win in a match in there prime right?

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I like hairy armpits on women its a turnon for me, I think Steffi graf was hot. I love her hairy armpits.

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Women have body hair, get over it. I'd love to suck her hairy sweaty pit after a hot match.

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