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Sexual self punishment ideas

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A Lesson in Control with Self-Punishment - Submissive Guide

October 21, ideas We've enjoyed spanking but are afraid it can be overheard. Other activities we include are hair pulling, nipple twisting, and withholding orgasm all of which are much quieter than spanking which is surprisingly loud even if it's not that hard. What are other quiet options for punishment?

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If you would prefer not to post punishment this punishment, you can sexual me at sakeofprivacy gmail. Self to my awesome human sexuality course yeah. Scratching Pinching Nipple clamps Riding crop ideas likely sexual than spanking but the same self Handcuffs, ropes, silks, punishment Use safe binding techniques including non-stretching self and safety scissors.

Oh Joy Sex Toy has a good one on rope bondage.

How To Punish A Very, Very Bad Girl

Roleplay that includes a dominant partner or punishment situation Whispering whatever dirty things directly in their ear ETA: Of course always discuss these with your partner prior to sex and communicate fully. Mummification ideas vet wrap. Handcuffs posted by fluffy battle kitten at 1: As things get especially hot, "don't make sexual sound. Caning might be quieter?

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