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Sexual ryhmes

This was a song to get ryhmes mojo back before I wrote Sexual number 2. Here are the lyics I grew up like an animal pissin' ryhmes my sleep. Where the kids called sexual faggot and a pussy ass creep. The piss soaked through the matress, through the fibers it would seep.

Dirty Sex poems

Sexual I never counted sheep, just naked Bo Peeps. All fours sheep-style, waitin' for the stuffin', Fore play for 'while eatin' out the mutton, She's achin' for a breakin' and I don't think I can do this.

bondage deva

But she's very reassuring so I'm fistin' Shari Lewis. Clueless in '95, more so ' Even more in '97, talk about a shitty flick.

Dirty Sex poems

Not a kiss from a rose, just a bust and a gyp. I wanted Silverstone's, not Arnold's hard nips. Tits ryhmes in my face, amazing grace.

bondage bench positions