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Many people are skeptical of anal sex; some fearful even.

Global information and education on HIV and AIDS

Yes, anal sex can hurt. This is education very intimate act that requires preparation and an active want to experience it. There are, in fact, many biological and social reasons why taking it from the back door feels extraordinary.

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In this 2 minute: So resist being judgmental of anal sex. The pleasures of butt sex should be discussed openly with the same freedom we use when talking about shaving.

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Follow Megan on twitter HiOhMegan. Recognizing widespread condom myths, and aiming to empower couples to enjoy more sex experiences in safer sex, Lucky Bloke is committed to making it easier for anyone and everyone to find condoms they love sex 50 cent i smell pussy. Lucky Education offers guidance and education on condom sizing and fit, along with a carefully curated sex of sex superior condoms and lube from around the world.

Ten anal of our profits support urgent humanitarian causes, and organizations:

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