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Pokemon ash and brock sex

I'm currently wanted pokemon over thirty Country's and am traveling with this little ass fuck named Ash, who's like 10, and this nasty bitch named Misty, I think she's about my age, nobody knows.

Treasure Trail Chapter 1, a pokémon fanfic | FanFiction

Well the other day, I saw her looking at a picture of me on some device saying I'm wanted, that's why she has been avoiding me for these last couple of days knowing what I'm gonna do. This is the first time I could speak to her in a couple of days so I approached her and ash "Hey Misty, What was that on that device a couple of days about?

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There was a cliff with about a foot drop, so I pushed that stupid ass and and sex her die. When brock deed was done, I laughed to myself looking at her mangled corpse just laying there. All of a sudden her lifeless body started to move.

Pokemon ash And Brock sex

So I pulled out my poke ball and said to him "Geo-Dude! I choose you, Use rock smash! Geo-Dude never came out, instead it smashed Misty in her uncut family guy episodes getting shards of poke ball in here head. I laughed at the thought of killing two things with one poke ball.

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Out of nowhere Ash came up to me and said "Where's Misty? I said Team Rocket killed her and my geo-dude and just played along with it.

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