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Pics from the naked bike rides

WNBR cyclists face city traffic, the bare as they dare, to highlight from vulnerability - isn't it time to stop pics indecent exposure of cyclists and pedestrians naked city car culture? World Naked Bike Ride, Brighton, The ride in Brighton took place on Sunday 13 June It started at The Level and ended at the nudist beach. Do I look naked in this?

NAKED BIKE RIDES: A look back at the ride through York with 45 pictures

I have 65 pictures from the London Naked Bike Ride. If you can only see three of them, you need to change your rides filter to allow restricted content. I had been tasked with capturing the spirit and mood of this extraordinary event I was far more apprehensive than the cyclists but bike mood was wonderful and everyone there the good people of 'Pleasant Revolution' heart evangelista nude photo The Secret Garden Party for example were just great.

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I have edited these to keep them as watershed friendly as possible but if you were at the start and don't see your picture here chances are I have one as this is a very small subset just let me know.