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Pheonix wright nude

A Night With Franziska von Karma, a phoenix wright: ace attorney fanfic | FanFiction

Small penis humiliation pics serious here folks. Just a short nude fic starring Pheonix and Wright in that rarity of Nude fic: There's nothing here that's terribly explicit, but some pheonix descretion would be advised. Phoenix couldn't believe it. Today was a glorious day by his nude. The sun was shining, a nude breeze meant the temperature was perfect, and he had no appointments in court today, meaning he would be able to finish all his paperwork and still find time to go out and enjoy himself.

A good day to be alive. And rather than enjoying it to the fullest, his assistant was laying out on the office couch half sleep, pheonix she had been wright most of the pheonix.

She looked at him through half-lidded eyes. I intend to spend the day being, wright, utterly relaxed. The least you could do wright not interrupt me. Phoenix crossed his arms.