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Penis shaft irriated after masterbation

Billy over a year ago.

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red dots on penis after masturbation

Irriated have no symptoms of stds, but have been to dr. He didnt see anything to suggest stds penis.

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Anyway, I had masturbated twice in one day and later that night and next day I noticed that the head of my penis was irritated to touch and when rubbing against my clothes.

I figured this was from masturbation incident. Well the sesitivity on the head has gone down but now i am experiencing discomfort or irritation and burning at very tip of penis.

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Not inside but on tip. Masterbation fact that there was no irritation at tip at first until I started shaft think about it and now after irritation is gone on head of penis and solely at tip makes me think maybe Im thinking about it too mcuh. No pain when urinating by the way. I was told this could be caused from over masturbation and could take some time to heal.