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Penis problems with lsd

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Problems Are NOT a drug market, so please refrain from sourcing. What are you waiting penis Get some relaxing music on, Sit with, grab a soft blanket, some fresh fruit, a cool glass of water, and have a nice time. Let's try to keep this place positive, entertaining, and most of all, a safe, inviting place.

Permanent damage from acid. Physical and brain problems, male reproduction problems..

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Difficulties free nice pussy videos an erection on LSD self. I've read that having sex is awesome, lsd we tried it after 3 or 4 hours in. On LSD, everything matters to me, except sexual stuff.

Frenchman partially cuts off own penis after taking LSD

That's why I wasn't even close to getting an erection when we tried it. Luckily, LSD provides a huge mindfuck so that we quickly forgot about that during the trip, lol. Having said that, I haven't tried to have sex on LSD until maybe 6 to 7 hours in.