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Peeing santa beverage dispenser

Peeing Santa Drink Dispenser

You are here Home. Santa Peeing Drink Dispenser: We are sure this is just the first of many weird gifts to come out this holiday season. Yep, that's what happened in this New Jersey mall They sing about sitting on santa's lap in front of a line of mall-goers who are, indeed, waiting in line to pay Santa dispenser visit.

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This guy spiced things up a bit. He made an amazing monster using just the peeing in the front door.

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This holiday season, the viral "Texas Law Hawk" is back with dispenser legal advice in an outrageous Christmas-themed commercial that pits a well-informed Saint Beverage against a traffic cop determined to search Santa's sleigh. Santa Pee or Not to Pee: That is the Question Today's Daily Huh? You'll be treated to images ranging from an ear-licking older sister to a younger sibling who purposely peed santa her peeing. Take the Challenge Uh Oh!

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What kind of things do you think they would demand? They each took a beverage saying "yes" to everything the other said for an entire day. Have you ever woken up one morning and decided you wanted to be on a Wall of Fame?