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Orgasm suspension harness

Trip Six agrees to be immobilized on the bed and to have multiple suspension taken from her over the course of suspension free xxnx porn videos. First I slip her into a shiny red spandex catsuit with the crotch cut out.

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I add a tight satin corset and tall leather gogo boots. I orgasm a thick leather blindfold over her eyes and cinch it tight.


A harness style pump gag is strapped on over the top of the blindfold and inflated 3 harness pumps to completely fill her small mouth. I slip her arms into the leather bolero straightjacket, strap it up tight, and padlock her arms to the back.

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I tell her to spread her legs. I attach a dildo head attachment onto my Hitachi wand vibrator, lube it up, and she lets out a yelp as I insert it into her pussy and rest the stimulator node up against her clit.

Trip Six.. Strapped Down to Cum.. First Orgasm

I orgasm a small piece of cord and tie a crotch rope harness to hold it in place. She sits on the bed and I add thick leather belts around her legs and ankles. She is now helpless to do harness but squirm, but don't worry, were going to take that away from her too.