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Orgasm by prostate massage

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Is it possible to ejaculate from prostate stimulation alone?

Orgasm From Prostate Stimulation Alone?

If so, is orgasm a matter of time. I have seen videos online of men having a hands free orgasms or ejaculating a slow stream prostate cum as they stimulate themselves.

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated! Prostate massage can cause massage gland to produce much more fluid than usual, and it can certainly massage coming out of the urethra during prostate play.

5 Steps to Achieving an Amazing Prostate-Assisted Orgasm

As far as what causes this particular response, it seems prostate vary from one guy to another. A vibrator can be useful because it gives you consistent stimulation over along period of time without getting tired like fingers do.

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They can orgasm help you ramp up and ramp down to vary what you do, which keeps the prostate from tuning out. You may also find that prostate-only ejaculation happens more easily during a long, slow, extended prostate massage session rather than one that leads more quickly to orgasm.

The more aroused you are, the more likely it is to happen.