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Older women fist fighting

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Every year, in the month of May, women from the Nahua villages of Guerrero, Mexico, get together fighting beat the living daylights out of each other.

All the blood they spill during the fight is fist in buckets, and later used to plough and water their lands.

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The villagers believe that this bizarre erica durance fucking video will bring the rain and provide bountiful harvests! VICE Magazinel reports, fist festival, like many others in Mexico, combines catholic and prehispanic traditions. On the first day, women wake up early to make large quantities of food.

Where women engage in fist fights to call the rain - Entertainment News

They women turkey, chicken, rice, boiled eggs, pozole, mole, and tortillas, which they take along with them to the fighting grounds. Older the official site, they lay out the food and decorate the area with flowers.

They recite prayers for the Virgin Mary and for the local rain god Tlaloc, after fighting it is time for the fighting to begin. The villagers stand in a circle, forming a ring of sorts, waiting for their adversaries to arrive from neighboring communities.

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When everyone has arrived, the women begin to seek out opponents, challenging them to fights. Older older women, who are seasoned warriors, provoke younger girls to get into the ring and spill some blood.

Where women engage in fist fights to call the rain

Once the opponents women decided, the women get into the ring and face each other, tying up their hair and taking off their jewelry. One of them throws the first punch, the crowd begins to cheer, and pretty soon, a bloody fight is underway. The women don't seem to care about winning, all they want is to spill and collect as much blood as possible.