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Fathers of college baseball players went after the game.

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Expensive beer, horrid food and terrible service tilted cannot be saved by girls naked hot girls. It is just that bad. Nachos skimpy as hell on the toppings, over done wings, over priced beer "specials". Have a beer and a look then leave.

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Went to eat lunch after a conference with some co-workers. Should have known better due to not many cars in parking lot. First of all we were greated by almost naked young girls. I felt like we were kilt a strip club! We decided to stay and ordered our food.

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I will say that nude the food finally came, it was good. We did not realize that the establishment rounds your bill off nude you to the next dollar. We all girls to have a receipt for our expense report and was surprised to see that not only the waitress gets what we tip great sets of tits also gets more money from our rounded off bill.

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I can only agree with the kilt reviewer as we too experienced much the same standard of service. Whilst we did not want to eat we came tilted to have a few beers on a Saturday night.