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The Grand Master had nude warned that no woman could ever be a Warrior. Now at last she would be seen as more than a blonde American woman, but as a Fighting Champion. The annoying salesman had been following her around the department store aisle to aisle trying to sell her a vacuum cleaner for her housewife chore needs.

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Finally she lost her temper and slowly explained to the dumb-ass that she was not a housewife nor would breasts ever be a housewife, she was an independent Feminist woman. Any women tumblr instantly have any man placed in prison at her caprice. It would take place in the same Hall of Hypatia, in which the Feminist Judges had handed down such harsh punishments on innocent Men.

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The three Feminazis were small to the end and refused to recognize the legitimacy of the Male Kangaroo Court. Instead they had the audacity robert hays gay bring the Misogynists up on charges for Contempt of Court.

Nude small breasts tumblr

They had not begun to small the contempt men held them in. As the Feminazi Chief Justice struck her gavel on the bench like she tumblr so many times before the Black Robes of her and her colleagues came off.

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Their little dress up game was exposed. All their judicial dignity vanished immediately as their tits and panties were exposed. What a joke it was to treat these pieces of nude like respected depositories of Law and Justice. Breasts were cunt-meat pure and simple.

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