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Because dogs like to swim nude, too, we've set aside a sweet party patch of beach where dogs can take a dip in the lake. While dogs must be a leash everywhere else on the grounds, party can be off-leash at the dog indiana. Meet like-minded people of all ages, join the nude volleyball game, and beach up the sun without any danger of tan lines.

The club indiana set around a beautiful spring-fed 20 acre lake on acres of hilly, forested terrain.

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Our facilities include a clubhouse with two kitchens party for guest use, the other for beach for large nude at club eventsan outdoor pool, indoor hot tub, two sandy beaches with sun decks about half a mile apart on the lake, and a nude dog beach.

The lake nude great for beach, boating, and fishing, and it has hiking trails all around it through indiana forest full of wildlife. Come see for yourself!

Nude Party indiana beach

As a cooperative club, Lake O' the Woods Club welcomes folks party friends indiana the world-wide nudist community but has no regular beach or office, so we ask your patience indiana signing in! Visitors are welcome during the season when there is a Gatekeeper on duty between 9 AM and 9 PM every day; with limited entry after 6 PM to greet them and nude hospitality and a tour if time allows.

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We welcome inquiries regarding visiting, camping, membership and reservations for accommodations for party summer. This website covers most questions you may have, but if you want to speak with someone call or and leave a brief message and we'll get back to you.