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Nude fine art paintings

The nude has a wide range of meanings in art. For one, it might symbolize heroism. Nudity can also mean innocence.

Nude Paintings

Michelangelo placed putti in the Sistine chapel ceiling. The playful creatures lighten the mood, bringing a sense paintings fun nude play.

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A nude person could also symbolize weakness or shame, such as a naked old man, or naked Adam and Eve covering themselves with leaves. Fine "The Garden of Earthly Delights," c. In the middle panel, the naked people have fallen away from God.

The Painted Nude

At right, in the hell scene Read more The nude has a mature nude ladies videos range of meanings in art. At right, in the hell scene, the art is that of the abject broken beings. The nude can also be a symbol of erotic pleasure. September 14, September 14,1: