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A new Nicole is being sold anita doth nude the area, but it is strip a heart-warming Christmas story.

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Actually, it concerns a real event — the brutal murder of a mentally-challenged young woman. The tragic tale of forced servitude, domestic violence and emotional abuse could have been the plot for a crime show or a horror novel.

Documentary relays tale of recent murder

But it really happened in Findlay. The Peters of Vera Jo Reigle.

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Sunday to sign and sell copies of the DVD. Since then, he has been promoting the DVD with signing events, benefit screenings and interviews.

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Having worked for years as a freelance screenwriter, Miles used his own equipment and experience to research and produce the film. He did hire a professional for voiceover work and local musician Micah Tewers composed and performed the orchestration and contributed an original song. Most of the material came from the community.