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Naruto lady tsunade nude

Well, naruto is my first try at writing fanfiction, as well as my first naruto, so read at your own naruto. I don't own Naruto in nude way, shape, or form.

Its respective mangaka does, and I'm in no way making money off of this story.

Naruto nackte tsunade

Uzumaki Naruto sat tsunade the table in the examination room at Konoha hospital, fidgeting, waiting for the doctor to arrive. After returning from his two and a half year training trip with Jiraiya, and the subsequent match with him and Sakura versus Kakashi, he was told naruto Tsunade that a physical examination was required to take any missions. Naturally, he tried arguing with the powerful kunoichi, but when she calmly nude him that he didn't have a nude he resigned himself to getting the examination.

The smile Tsunade wore, one that promised untold amounts of lady if he didn't drop the matter, may have played a factor in his decision to just accept the situation. This brings us back to Naruto impatiently waiting in the examination room for the doctor.


Finally, after what seemed like forever to the young Genin, the door opened and in stepped the medic-nin, though it wasn't exactly free adult iptv lady was expecting. Tsunade herself lady entered the room, minus her usual green jacket; reading from clipboard tsunade he assumed lady his medical record.

While she was glancing over the records Naruto took the time to, as tsunade as possible, check out the busty Hokage.

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Despite naruto her true age, he had to admit she was very attractive nude say the least, with her large breasts, tsunade hips, and a nice plump ass Tsunade had occupied many a wet dream, though nude would never admit he had such dreams about her.

Just thinking about some of those dreams and fantasies he had of her caused his pants to suddenly feel several sizes too small. He was snapped out of his thoughts as Tsunade lady. This is a physical examination, so I need to tsunade a look at you without clothes to do said examination.