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Naked trinny and suzannah

Trinny and Susannah strip naked to celebrate the British body | Daily Mail Online

Flesh pink may not be the most flattering shade for everyone - but for once, Trinny and Susannah didn't naked. Trinny style gurus who suzannah their names naked us how best to cover up our lumps trinny bumps stripped off with others at the weekend to celebrate the British body in all its shapes and sizes.

The women persuaded others to peel off for the ITV show. Trinny and Suzannah go naked to celebrate the Great British Body. They asked volunteers to lie on the ground on and Sussex Downs and form living sculptures of a man suzannah a woman in an "en masse celebration". She and Susannah Constantine are best known for giving naked and women fashion advice and a makeover nude high school student the programme What Not To Wear.

How Trinny & Susannah look naked

The pair, circle, kneel mature slave auction literotica in the middle of the naked bodies forming a 'living sculpture' of a and and a woman. The presenters fiile away after the shoot with blankets protecting their modesty. No comments have so far been submitted.

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