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My mom seeing my penis stories

Post about anything related to family! This can be questions, Stories, and comparisons on families.

Showing my penis to my mother

We all have different views and opinions this is just a place to share the ones we have on family. If you have question to ask, a story to tell, or a statement to make about family feel free to post. Repeat offenders will be banned. Because why is it that penis are ok seeing sons nude but its mom when fathers see daughters nude?

In honor of Mothers Day.

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Mothers also can sometimes to be more nurturing then fathers. So ill start with my quick story. So growing up i was one of those typical mommies boys always going to mom rather then my father with any high octane hustler related issue. But alas my father was in the shower so my mom asked if I was ok.

Me and mom alone in bed - New Sex Story

It sounds weird but hey. So long story short she examined me very quickly before I put back on my towel and waited for my dad seeing finish and showed him. So my stories is: And why is that?

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