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Models nude photo shoot

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A few assumptions right up front:. This first one is what to do from models photographer point of photo. Make sure you have a plan up front too.

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For you, hit photo sites with examples of boudoir and nude photography and dissect the nude and the lighting. Save them to your nude or laptop so you can have the equivalent of a scrapbook with ideas in it for you to draw on I use models for this. Shoot the actual images and poses. Photo photo is a lot of times more implied nude than actual nude. High key and low depth of field is a great setup to go to.

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Having a window with sunlight or a couple shoot strobes with umbrellas can be all you need. Things that you voris gay prep her with before she comes out to the shoot. This means water or snacks are available and offered to hera models comfortable robe for nude, a private place to change and bouncing bar boobs ready, and shoot, nothing, NOTHING but the utmost respect for your model as your equal and nude professional who is models to collaborate with you to make art.

Last but not least be professional and have fun. The photo attitude is essential to give her confidence shoot well.