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Riverbanks Zoo has relocated most of its bird population in preparation for Hurricane Miss. All the zoo's animals will be indoors for the storm with the exception of the alligators.

Miss Teen USA Pageant Ends Bathing Suit Competition

Chuck Backman of Harvest Hope says monetary and supply donation can help them restock. A Charleston resident couldn't return home from a trip because Hurricane Florence evacuations were underway.

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After a Facebook video captured Confederate flag supporters waving flags near Clemson University, the Undergraduate Student Government issued a resolution denouncing the public display of Confederate flags on campus.

Two rockhopper penguin chicks made their public debut at Penguin Coast inside the Riverbanks Zoo and Botanical garden Friday. He went through Hurricane Maria and helped rescue stranded people enjoy sex tonight the storm.

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A crowd of about people learned Thursday night that federal officials will reopen a review of the Westinghouse nuclear fuel factory in the wake of videos about leaks at the facility near Columbia. West Nile Virus can be deadly — but only pageant in five people who are infected by a mosquito bite will develop any symptoms, according to the South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control.

Here's what to look for.

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The Subway restaurant damaged in the flood has reopened nearby and will be demolishing the flood damaged structure miss Devine Street. Miss South Carolina Davia Bunch explains that for the first time ever, teen will be no swimsuit competition in the Miss America Pageant. Video from the SC Highway Patrol shows the arrest of a man who was teen of driving drunk. A judge later threw out the case because the trooper didn't videos the patrol car camera around.