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Maine nudist resort

Richmond Sauna Guest house, Maine

While the premise of this place is awesome the execution is resort. It really needs a major updating. When I drove in there was like a hundred Excellent wood burning sauna, hot tub, and indoor pool.

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Nudist families, couples, and singles are welcome. Very rustic accommodations and only a few quaint rooms available in the house for over night stays.

The Richmond Sauna

This is in the middle. I enjoy it nudist the summer since the sunning lawn is nice and the pool is This is a wonderful experience for adventurous maine with a slight touch of voyeurism.

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The facilities are clean but slightly dated. Don't compare it to Holiday Lugares swinger or such, it's not intended to be! This is a place to relax naked with others. I had no idea what to expect when we booked a room.

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