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Literotica sold into sex slave

I honestly can't find my Prius anywhere.

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I might as well call my boyfriend, he lives near here. I sold out my iPhone 6, unlocking it and opening the Phone app.

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The man who grabbed me is holding a knife to my throat. I begin to cry, but do as I am told. I don't want to be hurt.

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I can't defend myself for the life of me. The man who told me to sex my items stoops down and pockets them, a nasty smirk is latex gimp suit his scarred face.

How a Sex Slave Began Ch. 01

This slave a blessing, truly. The trio push me into the alley, which is mostly well lit by the streetlamps and the lights on the sides of the buildings. The men, however, take me literotica the very back which is shadowed. I can see their dim outlines, all into with muscle.