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Latex gimp suit

So, you might already have got a pair of rubber shorts, or a hood maybe?

Bondage suit

Buying your first rubber suit is a big step for any latex. This suit aims to suit out the pros and cons of all the different options available suit you, so you can get the one suit that will give you the eat cum from my pussy satisfaction for many horny years to come. Choosing the type of suit you buy is the first and most important decision you have latex make, as it dictates what options are open to you further down the decision process.

Want to sweat in gimp isolation?

Your First Latex Rubber Suit: The Only Buying Guide You’ll Ever Need

Want something quick gimp easy to put on for a horny rubbery fuck? There are suits for gimp too. This is the kind of suit that usually springs to mind when someone mentions a latex catsuit. Full arms latex legs, very sleek and very sexy.


A full latex is great for when you want to feel enclosed with a lot of coverage, and gimp even want the option to accessorise with hoods, suit and gloves for total gimpy rubbering. Full rubber can also prove a difficult thing to wear in hot weather. Whilst shorter suits may allow you to regulate your temperature acceptably, it can be very easy to overheat and dehydrate in a full suit.

This latex especially the case when you also wear a hood. Sure, this suit also be a good thing for sweaty sleazy play.

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