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Inuyasha and kagome nude

The group giggled as he left. Back in the modern era, Kagome had finished taking her bath and had come out wearing just a towel. She was thinking about the fight she had the previous day with Inu Yasha, wondering if he'd and understand her feelings for him.

She switched off inuyasha bathroom light and sat down on her chair.

Inuyasha- get naked

Cut it out now. I know you aren't hurt.

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Stop it, you're scaring me. Kagome clutched her right arm with her left.

Kagome Higurashi

This was unlike Inu Yasha. He was threatening her? Inu Yasha and Kagome had quarreled over many trivial issues before -- but this time she knew she had gone too far. She'd been spanked only once in her life, by her mother for failing an exam. But do Nude really kagome a spanking? I don't want to spank you.