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I sucked him on first date

Does it count as a date if we meet up in a suburban Chili's men's room and he goes back to his wife's table right to finish the ribs with her right after he sucked And then he gives her a big kiss on the him when he sits samantha monsters of cock, so she has sucked your dick too by osmosis?

In my life, I've had more hookups than dates, so yes, I've sucked the first time, but a hookup isn't a date.

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Suck dick on a first date? Do you mean do needy bottoms, trangenders, the sexually fluid or drag queens?

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The question seems too exclusionary. I don't know of anyone who thinks date sucking dick is some big deal. It's basically making out.

Do you suck dick on the first date?

I've sucked dick in the first hour. Now fucking is different, I won't fuck on the first first unless I can't stand it and have to have him in me. Suck dick on the first date? Meeting in steam room or video booth, yes. It all comes down to time is of the essence.

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