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How to help a choking victim in a wheelchair

The Heimlich Wheelchair was introduced in as help alternative to other, less-effective methods of helping a choking victim.

What To Do When a Wheelchair User is Choking

A standard part of first-aid training, the Heimlich Maneuver is easy enough that it can be performed immediately after learning it. There are variations that can be used in special circumstances, such as when the choking victim choking in a wheelchair.

Remain calm and encourage the victim to do the same. Try speaking to him or rubbing his back or arm to calm him. Look for signs that the person is suffering from victim airway obstruction. These signs include the victim being unable to make any sounds above a wheeze, the face turning blue and hands clutching the throat in the universal symbol for choking. Stand or kneel behind the victim's wheelchair.

If the back of the wheelchair is too high, turn the person 90 degrees or support her in a standing position.

How do I help a child in a wheelchair who is choking?

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