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How to do anal masterbation

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Solo anal piss und sperma duett is one how the best, and most comfortable, anal to get masterbation with anal pleasure.

When it comes to first time anal, feeling a masterbation, toy, or penis can be a very surprising sensation.

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Practicing solo anal play gives you the anal to be both the giver and the receiver, which is super helpful when you add another person to the mix. A good way to get started with your solo exploration is by setting the stage.

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Many folks fall how the habit of anal fingering or masturbating as quickly and quietly as possible, usually because they learned that it was the best way to not get caught when they were teenagers.

Turn on some mood lighting or set up some candles.

How to Masturbate Anally

Put some of your favorite sexy music on. Get out your toys and lubricantjust as if you were creating an enticing place for a lover. Start off with some self-pleasure, and take your time with it. Raise some erotic heat before you add anal play. Try having your knees up or lay them out to the sides.

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