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How does cytheria cum like that

Cytherea squirts and eats cum

All right for all the retards saying it's piss would she be able to launch her piss that far? I agree, cum is mostly pissing I wish that was in my mouth. I'd even be fine with just a taste test. Bet does does a lot of kegels: Anyone believing that's 'female ejaculation' is that fool and probably doesn't know much about female anatomy. Yes, some women do ejaculate but comes no pun intended from the vagina and it looks nothing like this video.

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That fluid -clearly- came from her urethra, not her vagina. Whether she was holding back on purpose or simply lost control of her bladder due to the orgasm is another question Real female ejaculation how simply natural lubricant that's accumulated in like vagina and expelled quickly due to it convulsing during orgasm.

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To each cytheria own Just the fact that you are a scientologist makes you an idiot.