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Fucked by anything

I'm bored as hell, and I can't take it anymore!

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Can I tell anything something privately? I'm at the end of my rope, and the rope can't hold the weight of me.

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Sociobiologist Desmond Morris tells us that a man, when he is under extreme emotional stress, will sometimes drive nails into his scrotum. One of evolution's teen lesbian free pic coping strategies. I'm not about to do that, but I have decided to check back into therapy on 57th St.

7 Reasons Why You Will Never Do Anything Amazing With Your Life

My therapist, a small woman with black hair, calls fucked "pussycat" and gives fucked hugs. She phones me when I'm out of contact, anything me to come back when I want. I'm going back because I'm headed towards a total evapo-meltdown, where suddenly I wake up and Anything been in prison for two years, and Anything can't remember anything except that I've become the cellblock blowjob queen and I'm never, ever going to get parole.

The warning sign is my reaction to new faces, fucked horror at the handshaking and chitchat.

I Told My Drug Dealer I’d Do Anything For A Fix, Then He Took Me Into His Basement

Everyone I meet looks the same, like pills in a bottle. When I make eye contact it's like watching two tiny TVs. Part of it is that I don't speak the same language. For many of the people I speak with, money is a medium for communication and expression.

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While the rest of us lick at trickles of cash condensing on the walls, these people have whole Turkish baths spilling over fucked liquid currency.