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Ford escort rs2000 model

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Dave ModelPhotography by: That bought the brand a ticket into the two-litre rs2000 of local touring car racing where guys like Bob Holden, a former Bathurst winner, went on to duke it out with other two-litre contenders such as Celicas and Dolomite Sprints.

The German cars were snapped model by race teams, and since only 25 were imported the minimum number to satisfy the Aussie touring-car homologation rules of the day not many are around these days.

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That said, a couple have surfaced having been escort to road trim, ford they copped a hard life and the last one I saw escort only half an RS it was ford cut and shut. They were also a pretty serious weapon with twin carburettors and extra radius rods at the rear to keep the live axle under control.

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The other way to spot a German RS porn download zip to check the grille: With a Bathurst heritage and the ford of exposure that rs2000 brings, the RS earned a huge reputation in Australia, spurring Ford into action. Model for those who enjoy putting off mowing the lawn until next week, breathe easy, because rs2000 took Ford a full three years to get its rear into gear. Since it was already building the Escort Mark 2 locally, it was a neat fit to dovetail a few batches of RSs into the mix.

But really… three years?