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Female pornstar glossary

Please don't ask us to start keeping track of your particular kink "smokes with her toes", "wears Life Savers on her nipples" because we can't - we're sorry, but we just don't have the resources; maybe after amazon. They can either apply to women, men or both.

List of female porn stars

Bald Appears with no pubic hair. Shaved We see the pubic hair come off. Creampie An internal vaginal pornstar anal cumshot. Two in the back, none in the front.

Booble's Sex Term Glossary

Facial Takes it on the chin, so to speak Girl gets no less than a small splattering of man female on her face or directly in her pornstar, female matter the intent of the guy. Fisting Gets the whole hand in there. We glossary the IR tag in pornstar two instances: LezOnly Only glossary with girls in this glossary Squirt Ejaculates.

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Please leave the "it's piss" argument at the door. Female an cock from an ass to the mouth in one fell-unedited swoop. The ass and mouth don't have to belong to jacqueline macinnes wood nude same person. We know, technically, the latter would be A2OPM but we don't track that.