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Erotic horror comic

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Emanuele Taglietti painted some covers for various fumetti or Italian comics during the s. His work featured on such best-selling adult sex and horror fumetti like SukiaZora the Vampire, Stregoneria, Erotic, Vampirissimo and Wallestein, among many others. At one point he was producing ten paintings a month for these titles.

The Indulgence of an Anthology of Erotic and Horror Comics

Born in Ferrara, Italy, inTaglietti was the son of a set designer horror worked with film directors like Michelangelo Antonioni—who was also apparently his cousin. His father regularly took the young Taglietti on to movie sets introducing him to directors, actors, and crew.

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Deciding to follow horror father into the film business, Taglietti attended art college where he studied design. He graduated and then enrolled at film school in Rome. He became comic assistant director working with directors like Federico Fellini and Dino erotic By the s, he switched careers to become an illustrator for the incredibly popular sex and horror fumetti. Taglietti signed up with Edifumetto, where he worked at designing and painting covers.

His style was influenced by the artists Frank Frazetta and Averardo Ciriello.


His paintings successfully managed to convey thrilling narrative with highly alluring and erotically charged action. By erotic s, fumetti were no horror as popular. Comic moved onto painting and teaching. He retired in but continues to paint.